Man who shot Nipsey Hussle convicted of first-degree murder
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Man who shot Nipsey Hussle convicted of first-degree murder

The man who shot Nipsey Hussle has been convicted of first-degree murder.

On March 31st, 2019, 32-year-old Eric Holder Jr. shot the rapper outside of his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. Prosecutors claim Hussle was shot 10 times by Holder, and the bullets struck him in his head, torso, as well as damaging his spine.

The trial began last month, and Holder was unable to attend part of it after he was assaulted in prison. On the jury’s second day of deliberations, they found him guilty of first-degree murder at the start of their second day of deliberations which potentially means life in prison for Holder.

Holder’s defender, Aaron Jansen, admitted Holder fatally shot Hussle, causing his death, but suggested the killing was not premeditated and said it happened in “the heat of passion”.

He also claimed Hussle accused Holder of “snitching” which made the latter “so enflamed and enraged” which caused him to begin shooting “nine minutes later”.

Meanwhile, Deputy District Attorney John McKinney, claimed Holder exited the meeting without looking aggressive. He reportedly left in a car and ate eating some chilli cheese fries. Furthermore, he apparently told a friend to wait at a parking lot before returning to Marathon with the murder weapon

“You’re going to hear and see evidence that he had plenty of opportunity to think about what he was going to do before he did it,” the prosecutor told jurors. “From the time he got out of the car and all the way back to that strip mall and walked up to those gentlemen and started shooting and shooting and shooting.”