Madonna asks for people to stop bullying her amid 50 Cent feud
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Madonna asks for people to stop bullying her amid 50 Cent feud

Madonna and 50 Cent have been the strangest pair of enemies for quite a while now, and with the feud kicking off once more, Madonna has kindly requested that people stop bullying her. 

50 Cent has frequently hurled disses at the 64-year-old ‘Like a Virgin’ singer calling her “shot out” for reasons that have almost been forgotten. To remind the folks at home, the initial comment came when she posted an erotic image on Instagram last June.

50 Cent clearly took issue with this and responded: “I hope she didn’t make her kids take this picture. LOL at 63 somebody tell her to chill out please.” Since then, a few further butter comments have been shared.

After Madonna posted a TikTok video lip-syncing to Baby Keem’s ‘Vent’, 50 Cent screenshotted the weird video and captioned it: “Madonna Using Rap Music For Clout On TikTok Is Pathetic And Truly Disturbs My Spirit.”

He then captioned his post saying: “I told ya’ll grandma was on bullshit! like a virgin at 64. LOL.” With other fans pilling on, Madonna has since called this out as “bullying”.

Her first response stated: “I guess your new career is getting attention while trying to humiliate others. The least elevated choice you could make as an artist or an adult. You’re just jealous you won’t look as good as me or have as much fun when you are my age!”

50 Cent apologised at the time, but he has since deleted it and now continues his crusade against her. Lord knows where this one ends.