When Jennifer Lopez started a beef between 50 Cent and Nas
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When Jennifer Lopez started a beef between 50 Cent and Nas

There is no denying that 50 Cent is a tycoon of epic proportions, and as well as being a talented rapper, 50 Cent is also known as a media mogul who has made millions in Hollywood as an actor and producer. 

However, despite being a very savvy businessman, Jackson is also renowned for his social media antics. Far from a Kanye, Jackson is known for his taunting and occasional trolling, which is sometimes funny but sometimes oversteps the mark.

One rapper that he has openly feuded with is Nas. Both from the New York borough of Queens, at one point, the two of them were highly amicable with each other. However, that all changed as a result of actress and singer Jenifer Lopez. 

Not many people know that before 50 Cent signed to Shady Records and got catapulted into the limelight, Nas helped 50 Cent as an up-and-coming Queens rapper by providing him with a co-sign and spreading word around the industry about the young man. In a sit-down interview with MTV, 50 Cent revealed, “Nas was the first person to do something for nothing for me.”

He continued, “He allowed me to go on his promo tour for Nastradamus in 1999…He wanted me to be out there. Me and Tony Yayo, we went on that promo tour. At that point, me and Nas was cool.” However, things took a turn for the worse shortly after 50 Cent reached platinum heights. 

In 2005, for his Massacre album, 50 Cent released a track entitled ‘Piggy Bank’ on which he targeted numerous rappers, including his former friend Nas. However, Nas felt like he knew why 50 had done that. According to Nas, 50 Cent was supposed to be on Lopez’s song ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’. However, 50 was replaced by Nas as Lopez felt like the song would do better with him. According to Nas (real name Nasir Jones), Jackson held a grudge over the situation.

In an interview with Contact Music, Jones explained, “50 has been saying some sh*t since he came out in 2002. He said I did a song with Jennifer Lopez, and I wasn’t supposed to because he did a song with her. So he’s like a kid living in a hip hop fantasy world. J.Lo is a friend of mine, and if she wants to do a record, I’m doing a record with her. 50 was like a little brother to me.”

However, since then, 50 Cent has cleared the air about the situation, and in an interview with DJ Clue, 50 Cent shared that he wasn’t necessarily angry at Nas for collaborating with Lopez but was irked that Nas didn’t call him as he told Clue, “I wasn’t mad that he did the record, I was mad because he didn’t call me.” The two have since made amends and are back on good terms.

Below you can listen to the song ‘Piggy Bank’ in which 50 Cent took aim at Nas.