Check out Mac Miller’s rap on Robert Glasper’s ‘Therapy Pt. 2’
(Credit: Brick Stowell)

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Check out Mac Miller’s rap on Robert Glasper’s ‘Therapy Pt. 2’

The late legendary rapper Mac Miller is still appearing on newly released tracks, which just goes to show how much of a sought-after star he was. Now, Robert Glasper has released a new track entitled ‘Therapy Pt. 2’, which features Miller’s rapping. The track is the follow-up to the 2014 Faces song of the same name.

Miller’s estate says that the track is the “product of the friendship the two shared and perfectly encapsulates the musical gifts of both artists. Anyone that followed Malcolm’s career closely is already aware of the respect he held for Robert’s work.”

The new track is set to be featured on the forthcoming Black Radio III: Supreme Edition, which will be released in full this coming Friday. The tune opens with an inimitable verse from Miller, accompanied by a tight piano and drum beat.

The lyrics to the verse are, “Give a inch, they take a mile, take a mile, I’ll take a acre/I’m a, alien communicator, fuckin’ up the human nature/Projectile vomit on a song, the fluid nasty, uh/I just got the iPhone 6, it looks like Steve Jobs done ran out of tricks/Yeah, I come through stuntin’ on ’em, in the park, buntin’ on ’em/Somebody should pump you up, you best get Joe Budden on ’em.”

Glasper said of the collaboration: “I immediately sent it to him, and literally within an hour he sent me back that track. Everything was on there — both verses, the choruses — and you could tell it was not something that he had written before. He sang the chord changes. You can tell he really came up with that in the moment.”

Miller tragically passed away in 2018 from an accidental overdose. He would have turned 30 years old this year and remains sorely missed in the world of hip-hop and rap.