Logic is working a new album called ‘Vinyl Days’
(Credit: Nick Mahar)


Logic is working a new album called ‘Vinyl Days’

Logic has revealed he is currently working on a new album called Vinyl Days.

The rapper made the announcement on his Instagram page, where he shared a clip of him working on beats for the new record. “This is JAY-Z‘s microphone,” he says in the video before proceeding to take a mic out of a case and adding, “No I.D. gave it to me.”

Elsewhere in the video, the Star Wars film Return Of The Jedi can be seen in the background as the camera zooms in on different objects throughout the room, including Back To The Future memorabilia.

As the video gets towards to end, Logic can be seen walking down the stairs and meeting a series of friends, such as his collaborator 6ix, before it returns to show the studio.

Meanwhile, a recent study from the BMJ has shown that Logic’s anti-suicide song, ‘1-800-273-8255’, saved hundreds of lives.

It found that in the wake of the rapper’s performance at the MTV Video Awards in August 2017, calls to the lifeline increased by 50%. Furthermore, the medical organisation also discovered a decrease in suicide rates during this period.

They also noted a drop off when the song was initially released in April 2017, following Logic’s performance of ‘1-800-273-8255’ at the Grammy Awards the following year. During this time frame, the BMJ noted a 5.5% reduction in suicide rates among 10-19 year olds which is 245 fewer deaths than usual.

See the teaser for his new album below.