Logic brings bullied fan on stage in New Jersey
(Credit: Nick Mahar)


Logic brings bullied fan on stage in New Jersey

Maryland rapper Logic is known for the respect that he shows his fans, and at a recent show in New Jersey he went above and beyond for one fan who it emerged was being bullied by other audience members. 

“Earlier today in the show, there was a gentleman who was in the crowd and he couldn’t see,” Logic explained to the crowd. “Muthafucka’s were all around him, fucking with him. So we did our best to bring him on stage and give him the best fucking view in the house.”

The fan in question was only 19 years old and in a wheelchair, and at one point he was brought on stage and pointed to the place where he was originally seated. 

“Hey, fuck y’all over there who was fucking with him,” Logic said. “So this is what we gonna do right now. You’re gonna kick it up here for the last song, and after this song plays you get every single piece of merchandise for free tonight and we gon turn the motherfuck up.” The rapper then pounced into ‘Everyday’, which closed his set. 

Notably, Logic enjoys a rapport with his fans that extends far beyond what other rappers of his status have with theirs. Back in 2018 during a show in Detroit, he brought a fan on stage to play Street Fighter with him, and, in the hit Netflix series Rapture, he is seen bringing an 11-year-old fan onstage to rap ‘Flexecution’.

It’s been a busy period for Logic. His ‘Vinyl Days Summer Tour’ with Wiz Khalifa is currently underway, and last night, it hit Holmdel in New Jersey. Also featuring on this lengthy run are 24kGoldn, DJ Drama, Fedd The God, and C Dot Castro. Berner and Rubi Rose are also to appear on selected dates.