(Credit: Nick Mahar)


How Mac Miller inspired Logic to be a better rapper

American rapper Logic had a rough upbringing, to say the least. After surviving an abusive childhood and struggling with poverty, he decided that, as a musician and a rapper, he wanted to lean in the direction of positivity, creating music about mental health and generally trying to uplift his listeners.

One of the people he routinely speaks to being his inspiration is Mac Miller. Specifically, he’s spoken out both in his book and in interviews about how Miller’s positivity and his artistry have influenced his style so much. In fact, he’s even admitted that Mac Miller helped to inspire the persona of Young Sinatra.

Specifically, he used the same sample that Mac Miller used for his song ‘Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza’ for the song ‘Young Sinatra’, specifically after being inspired by Mac Miller’s take on the beat.

Logic said of this experience: “Mac Miller had Most Dope, and all these people had these kind of alter egos and just kind of vibes…And I wanted that. I wanted something like that. And then, I just got the idea…I always loved Sinatra…And how cool would it be if I just brought that into what I was doing?”

He continues, speaking specifically of the sample, “And after I did those raps, on the ‘Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza’ beat I just, it just came to me.”

In the same interview, which he gave shortly after Mac Miller passed away, Logic spoke more in-depth about the rapper, “I’ve always worn everything on my sleeve…So I’ve always, definitely with Mac and anybody else, I’ll always show love.”

Even if he was remaining somewhat reserved in the interview, there’s no shortage of places where he’s spoken about how much Mac Miller inspired him. We have quotes like, “Mac is the whole reason I started doing this Young Sinatra shit…Mac showed me I could do it all on my own,” he added, in addition to the shoutouts he has given Miller in his music, both before and after his passing. 

It’s clear that there was a real friendship and a sense of admiration there, and that Logic was one of the people who spent years appreciating the unique talents Mac Miller had. He learned a lot from him, and he made sure to tell him while he was still here, which is one of the most incredible things about this.

If you want to revisit ‘Young Sinatra’, you can catch the beat that the two of them both used.