Listen to Snoop Dogg and ‘The Jungle Book’ AI remix
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Listen to Snoop Dogg and ‘The Jungle Book’ AI remix

Snoop Dogg has recently taken to social media to share his amusement regarding an AI rendition of his 1993 smash hit ‘Gin And Juice’ that hears the G-funk classic blended with The Jungle Book song ‘The Bare Necessities.’.

The Long Beach legend shared his opinion on the AI-generated track via Instagram. Initially, it appeared that Snoop (real name Calvin Broadus) was not enjoying the somewhat child-friendly version of his iconic single. However, after a short while, the Death Row owner seemed to get into the groove of the song.

In the caption of his video, Broadus tagged his friend and longtime collaborator FredWreck, presenting a string of emojis in approval, including an abundance of laughing faces. As of recent, Snoop Dogg has taken it upon himself to find strange AI remixes of classic hip-hop tracks. He has previously shared an AI Michael Jackson rapping C-Murder’s ‘Down for My N’s.’ Snoop was featured on the original version alongside Magic. However, he did not like the Michael Jackson rendition and found it disrespectful. When reacting, Broadus exclaimed, “This shit is outta hand,” adding in the caption, “Wow” as an AI MJ raps along to the 1999 hit.”

Snoop isn’t the only individual in the culture who is apprehensive about embracing AI voice technology. Following the AI-generated track ‘Savages’, which featured a computerised Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella producer and audio engineer Young Guru weighed in and expressed his concerns, proclaiming, “We have to protect the rights of the artist. Not only artists but everyone in society. People should not be able to take your name, image, and likeness without permission.”

However, Snoop Dogg has recently been highly intrigued by technology and has already occupied some space in the metaverse. Working with Gala games, last year Snoop insisted that Death Row Records would enter the metaverse. Furthermore, he has already stated that he is working on an NFT collaboration with Diddy. Fans will hear more concerning technology from Broadus in the future.

You can see Snoop’s post in the video below.