Lil Yachty responds to trolls hating on his tattoos
(Credit: Anton Mak)


Lil Yachty responds to trolls hating on his tattoos

Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty has responded to trolls who have recently been hating on his new tattoos. Following a Twitter/X user posting a picture of his inked torso online, hip-hop fans have been mocking the artist’s appearance and choice of tattoos.

The Twitter/X user captioned the photo of a shirtless Yachty reading, the caption read, “Rappers spend so much money on jewellery but never on a good tattoo artist.” However, Yachty (real name Miles McCollum didn’t respond with hate but decided to take it on the chin positively.

In response to the photo, under which many users were laughing at the lyricist, McCollum posted a 5-second clip of the boxer Adrien Broner that heard the athlete humorously admitting, “Oh yeah, ain’t gonna lie, I’m getting cooked.”

Yachty showed humility by reacting with a light-hearted spirit and even laughed alongside his fans at his own expense. Although the ‘One Night’ rapper seemed nonplussed by the photo, the online community were quick to poke fun at McCollum’s appearance.

One user sarcastically commented underneath the image, “Bro needs to request a refund for those tattoos.” Another wrote, “Could be the placement btw idk they look off to me. They prob got meaning for him tho.”

However, one Twitter/X user, while making fun of McCollum’s friendship with Drake, wrote, “That’s a fact, him and Drake be letting Adonis tattoo them with a Crayola gun.” Yachty has always been able to handle criticism very well and has never taken trolls too seriously in his career.

The rapper recently showed off his OVO Owl tattoo, signifying his locked-in relationship with Drake. This was undoubtedly the first of many tattoos he has newly acquired. However, McCollum’s meme was enough to show he is not above laughing at himself.