Drake’s new album almost made Lil Yachty crash his car
(Credit: Anton Mak)


Drake’s new album almost made Lil Yachty crash his car

In a recent episode of his podcast, A Safe Place, Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty revealed that while listening to Drake’s upcoming album For All The Dogs, he almost crashed his luxury car due to shock. 

During the podcast, which he hosts alongside his friend MitchGoneMad, the ‘One Night’ emcee admitted that while he was giving some buddies a preview of the unreleased Drake project, he almost ended up in a fatal collision.

However, Mitch asserted that it wasn’t the forthcoming album that nearly caused the rapper to crash his car but merely the fact that he’s a poor driver. Humorously, the co-host stated it was unsurprising that For All The Dogs managed to be a hazardous distraction for Yachty.

In a fit of friendly outrage, MitchGoneMad told the rapper, “I’m so mad! You’re such a terrible driver!” The red-headed rapper brought it upon himself to admit that he’s “not the best.” However, he insists that wasn’t why he nearly collided with another vehicle.

Akin to Travis Scott, prior to the release of Utopia, it seems Drake is giving exclusive previews of his upcoming project to industry friends and fellow artists. Lil Yachty was utterly immersed in the project and said it was worth listening “to the death,” but did prompt his listeners to wear seatbelts. 

No official release date has been provided concerning For All the Dogs. However, streaming platform Amazon Music stated that it will be available to play from August 25th. So far, Graham has only officially confirmed that Nicki Minaj and Bad Bunny will feature on the LP.