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Lil Uzi Vert is "working on" buying an entire planet

According to electronic musician Grimes, Lil Uzi Vert is currently “working on” buying a planet.

Grimes quote tweeted an image of a planet called WASP-127b, a gas giant exoplanet that is 1.4 times larger than Jupiter and was discovered in 2016. She said: “Apparently Lil Uzi Vert owns this planet – just a heads up”. The rapper commented, “I tried to surprise everyone, still working on it #neuralink”.

This incident isn’t the first time Grimes and Lil Uzi have got weird on social media, and the eccentric duo previously discussed getting brain chips together. Grimes wrote: “Let’s aim for chips by 2022. it’s experimental surgery but if it succeeds we’ll have the knowledge of the Gods haha”.

If Lil Uzi wants to own a planet, then he might be out of luck. Astronomy professor Gregory Laughlin told Rolling Stone, “No legal ownership framework or regulated Earth-based exchange currently exists for the purchase of exoplanetary assets.”

He added: “At present, any purchase (either for investment or speculative purposes) would need to be arranged through an off-Earth venue. I remain unaware of the existence of galactic exchanges for planet trading, but that in itself, of course, does not preclude their existence.”

Uzi is always in the market for extravagant purchases. Earlier this year, he implanted a $24 million diamond in his forehead, and buying a planet is the sort of wild shenanigan he’d do.