Lil Nas X attacked with a sex toy during latest performance
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Lil Nas X attacked with a sex toy during latest performance

Country rapper Lil Nas X (real name Montero Hill) recently experienced an odd occurrence while performing an exciting set in Europe. The emcee, who is currently on the festival circuit, took the Lollapalooza Stockholm stage only to have a fan throw an object at him midway through his set.

The openly gay lyricist has always been a sexually provocative figure and has been highly unapologetic concerning his raunchy music videos and persona. That said, while onstage in Sweden, the 24-year-old noticed a somewhat taboo item flying toward him from the crowd.

As a headlining artist for the Stockholm event, who has legions of fans across the globe, Hill is used to his followers wanting to deliver messages and objects to him, so when this latest entity landed at his feet, he stopped the show to examine it and was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

Following a look, Hill quickly realised someone had launched a vaginal sex toy onto the stage. In reaction, the ‘Old Town Road’ performer asked, “Who threw they pussy onstage?”

The crowd burst into laughter, and most found it incredibly funny and ironic, considering Hill’s sexual orientation. The sex toy got some laughs from the audience, and the Atlanta rapper was far from upset.

Hill resumed his set unscathed by the incident. However, people throwing objects onto stages isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, people have been doing it for years. A decade ago, people took to throwing coins at Azealia Banks onstage at the Listen Out Festival in Melbourne.

As expected, the performer slammed the microphone onto the floor and ended the set. However, this recent performance seems to have not been so dramatic and involved a healthy amount of jest. You can see the event in the video below.