Lil Durk picks his top five rappers of all time
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Lil Durk picks his top five rappers of all time

Lil Durk is a somewhat controversial figure when it comes to his opinions. In 2019 the Chicago rapper (real name Durk Banks) shared a dubious list of his top 50 rappers, which sent the culture into a frenzy. However, it didn’t impede his growth as an artist, and his popularity is still increasing. The emcee first gained notoriety in the early-2010s, and ever since, his cult following has continued to grow. Banks is the prime example of a new-generation rapper. The musician pays no attention to others and has little interest in how the scene perceives him, even if it is negative.

Durk’s 2019 list sparked a social media firestorm, and many rappers, particularly the well-established figures, began to disdain the brazen young man. However, Banks has only seen his status rise despite his top 50 list that saw veteran rhymers like Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Snoop Dogg absent. Hence earlier this year, the ‘3 Headed Goat’ rapper was called upon by XXL to appear on the magazine’s front cover. Never one to turn down an opportunity to flaunt, Banks took himself to XIX Studios in Los Angeles for an extravagant photoshoot.

In between shots, Banks took time to speak with XXL for an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview. The contentious artist spoke on various topics, from fashion to new music and his five favourite rappers. First, the musician explained his expensive look: “I got a Christian Dior vest, shirt, khaki-like pants and fazos[Nike Air Force One’s] all-white. You can’t go wrong with ’em!” He continued, “Rolex, you know these are…75 pointers, 100 pointers!” The sharp dresser then went on to speak about the hip-hop scene and his top five favourite rappers of all time.

Revealing his picks, the lyricist stated, “My top five right now is Baby, Future, Drake, King Von and Chief Wuk.” He proceeded to explain why “They got the culture going crazy, just turning up in their own way! And everybody I named got they own type of style, everybody don’t sound alike.”

You can watch Lil Durk’s XXL interview in the video below.

Lil Durk’s top five rappers of all time

  • Lil Baby
  • Future
  • Drake
  • King Von
  • Chief Wuk