Lil Durk once shared a dubious list of his top 50 rappers
(Credit: Lyrical Lemonade/YouTube)


Lil Durk once shared a dubious list of his top 50 rappers

Lil Durk can be a little troublemaker, especially when he’s trolling around social media as so many rappers do nowadays. When you’re on platforms such as Twitter, it is not uncommon to see people sharing their opinions and hot takes on the matters of the day, but sometimes it just takes one person to light a match before there is a social media firestorm ablaze.  In this case, it was Lil Durk.

Rappers, radio personalities, fans and everybody with a vested interest in hip hop culture has their own private list with regard to who is hot and who is not when it comes to rap. People are always looking for a top five or top 10 list to see how it stacks up against their own, but sometimes a person’s list can be so outrageous that it is interpreted as disrespect. 

While hip hop was debating a preposterous top 50 greatest rappers list tweeted out by The Brew Podcast, Chicago rapper Lil Durk decided to chime in by posting his own top 50 and it was dubious, to say the least.

A standard reaction to any kind of list in hip hop, at first, the post sparked outrage. However, the list was essentially a middle finger to the old school, as the list was devoid of any rapper from before 2007. Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane were the oldest rappers on the list. No rapper from the early noughties, 1990s or 1980s featured on the list.

Durk’s list only featured the late 2010s and 2020s hottest rappers, so veteran rhymers like Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and others of the like were absent. Twitter users and thoroughbred hip hop heads were disgusted and responded instantly. One Twitter user reacted writing, “This the most garbage list ever made.” Another tweeted, “All these rappers are cool for what they are but bro, they don’t even come close to being top 100 ever.”

Some fans insisted he was just trolling and didn’t really mean it suggesting he was doing it to rile up the culture. However, some truly believed that he was just that out of touch. Take a look at the list in the tweet below to see if you agree with Lil Durk on his top 50.