The prison fight Lil Baby had with a racist
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


The prison fight Lil Baby had with a racist

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby is undoubtedly one of the most popular artists in hip-hop right now. With a knack for putting rhymes together and the power of Coach K’s Quality Control behind him, the rapper (real name Dominque Jones) has recently been unstoppable.

As one of the most sought-after up-and-coming rappers in the US, at 25, Lil Baby had already collaborated with Nicki Minaj, the Migos, Drake and others. Lil Baby created such a buzz that he was touring overseas in his mid-20s. However, that led to some problems. In 2021, while in France for fashion week with NBA player James Harden, Jones got arrested in Paris for possession of cannabis.

However, the controversy only fuelled people’s interest in the rapper, and, despite such hurdles, he has continued to grow. As one of the biggest new-generation rappers, it is only natural that the businessman and media personality DJ Vlad got him to appear on VLADTV so fans and others could learn more about the young Atlanta rapper.

Speaking to the VLADTV host, Jones spoke about his upbringing in South West Atlanta, disclosing, “My momma raised me. Me and my siblings, ain’t really had no father figure around, just me and my two sisters. We used to be getting put out and all that type of sh*t! I used to come home from school [we’d be] evicted and all other that type of shit.”

The rapper then revealed that he went to a juvenile centre at 12 for burglary. He also admitted that he dropped out of high school because he was always getting in trouble, so he decided to settle for street life, leading to Jones getting two years in a Georgia State penitentiary prison. “See…at the time I caught the [court] cases, I was probably 16 or 17, but I caught so many cases in a [short] period of time for like 17, 18 before I turned 19 that’s what did it. They were like drug cases, gun charges.”

However, this is when he detailed how, while in prison on a no-nonsense rehabilitation programme, he got into a fight with a white racist. He explained, “It was like a zero-tolerance program, so I got into a fight, and they sent be back [to regular prison]. I’m young, he kinda older, definitely racist, he tried to hit me with a lock on a belt!”

The rapper divulged how he was only on the programme for 20 days. To hear more details about the fight, you can watch part one of the VLADTV interview with Lil Baby in the video below.