Kodak Black shares news about his drug rehabilitation
(Credit: David Cabera)


Kodak Black shares news about his drug rehabilitation

Miami emcee Kodak Black has had more than a few brushes with the law, and early last year, the rapper violated his probation after testing positive for fentanyl and oxycodone. After this, his lawyers asked if the lyricist could be put into rehab.

Now, the artist (real name Bill Kapri) has updated fans about his physical and mental health following over a year in rehab and revealed that he believes he has finally gotten over his addiction and abuse of prescription pills.

During an Instagram Live broadcast on April 6th, Kapri revealed that he has been on a high ever since he stopped taking Percocets on a regular basis and unveiled that he has never felt better about himself.

Speaking to fans about where he was compared to where he currently is, Kapri recalled, “I remember a point in my life when I was chewing a lot of Percs. Bro, I’m proud of myself. I’ve never been this happy in my life, bro. I don’t know where this came from, what the fuck going on.”

He continued, “I ain’t even going to say I’m anti-Perc. Like, I never took a Perc since I been home. But bro, my dosage so low that I can’t believe it myself. Man, I’m telling y’all, bro.”

Detailing how severe his drug use was before he went into rehab, the ‘No Flockin’ lyricist continued, “Before I just went to jail, bro, I was taking… I can talk about this because it’s my testimony. Bro, I’m hollering at y’all, ain’t no shame in my shit. I was taking, bro, at least 100 Percs. Bro, my average was 40 Percocets. I’m telling y’all this man!”

Kapri also went live with prominent YouTuber Adin Ross. However, during the stream, one user likened him to Diddy due to his 2016 rape and subsequent arrests. Eight years ago the Florida rapper was accused of raping a teenage girl in a Florence Comfort Inn & Suites hotel room following his performance at the Treasure City Nightclub.

However, Kapri heavily refuted the allegation, telling the user, “No Diddy — take that, take it. I’ll smack me an elderly bitch, I even might kill me a kid, but I ain’t raping. I mean [mumbling] kill him as a baby, but I ain’t raping.”