Kodak Black picked the best rapper in the world right now
(Credit: David Cabrera)


Kodak Black picked the best rapper in the world right now

Kodak Black is a somewhat controversial figure. Part of  XXL’s 2016 ‘slow class’, the Florida rapper has found himself in all sorts of trouble since his emergence on the scene in 2014. Earlier this year, the rapper was arrested and taken to Broward County Jail after police found 31 oxycodone pills along with $74,960 worth of cash in his car.  Furthermore, the rapper was imprisoned throughout 2020 but was pardoned by Trump.

However, this is just the latest in a long string of legal troubles the rapper has had.  Shortly after his appearance on the cover of XXL in 2016, Black was arrested on charges of false imprisonment and armed robbery. The rapper had warrants on him in St. Lucie County for drug possession as well. Only a year later, the rapper (real name Bill Kapri) was arrested for violating house arrest and assaulting a bartender in a Miami club, Climaxx. 

To put it nicely, the rapper has been troubled from the moment he saw fame. However, he is still an artist of interest in the hip hop community, and with his core fanbase still streaming and supporting his music, one can’t deny that he is still extremely relevant and prevalent. 

In a recent interview for the FULL SEND PODCAST with Kyle Forgeard and Bob Menery, Kodak was asked who his favourite rapper is right now, and the rapper didn’t hesitate in the slightest with his response.

Upon being asked, Black quickly replied, “I salute Lil Baby, I respect dude so much, you what I’m sayin’, ‘cause it’s like…his whole everything like…I remember when he came out with ‘That’s My Dawg’, I was f*cking with the song, he sent it to me, I remixed it,  and he was saying when he was in prison before he came home, my song used to do it for him…like my music used to do it for him and stuff…and then when I went in his music started doing it for me like”. 

You can watch the FULL SEND PODCAST interview with Kodak in the video below.