Kiss founder Paul Stanley responds to Kanye West antisemitism
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Kiss founder Paul Stanley responds to Kanye West antisemitism

Kiss founding member Paul Stanley has taken to Twitter to respond to Kanye West and his recent antisemitic comments. The American rapper has come under fire following antisemitic posts on social media, which have seen him banned from both Instagram and Twitter. 

Stanley, who’s of Jewish lineage, tweeted in response to West’s remarks, alongside a photo of the rapper: “Mental Illness IS a disease but should NEVER be used to minimize the danger of hate speech, advocating antisemitism and violence against religions or ethnicities. We have found ways over centuries to rationalize this behavior and viewed the atrocities that followed. SPEAK UP!”

The post comes after Kanye tweeted: “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” and, “You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.” West was duly banned from Twitter following the posts.

The recent social media uproar began early last week when West caused controversy at the Paris Fashion Week. During the celebrations, the rapper wore a “White Lives Matter” branded shirt at a surprise Yeezy fashion show and made further antisemitic statements in unaired interview clips with Tucker Carlson.

Paul Stanley stands beside a swathe of prominent Jewish artists to have spoken out against West’s comments. Jewish producer and Bleachers star Jack Antonoff recently halted a concert to publically rebuke West, telling the audience, “Kanye, don’t fuck with us,” adding, “I would just do anything to wake up and not hear about Kanye, especially when it’s about the fuckin’ Jews, man.”

Elsewhere, David Draiman from Disturbed, also Jewish, tweeted: “Between Joe Rogan not calling Roger Waters out on his antisemitic bullshit, Kanye West going on an antisemitic rant, and then Elon Musk congratulating his friend (Kanye) on his Twitter reinstatement, it’s been a rough week for us Jews”.

See Paul Stanley’s tweet below.