Killer Mike shares update on ‘Run The Jewels 5’
(Credit: Jonathan Mannion)


Killer Mike shares update on ‘Run The Jewels 5’

Run The Jewels rapper Killer Mike has provided a positive update on the group’s fifth album. Their most recent release came in 2020.

Speaking to The High Times, Mike confirmed it was almost finished, and he just needed to add some final touches to the mix. He revealed: “The album is literally two days away. I have to go in tonight and change two lines on a song. I’m just waiting for some drums from [producer] No I.D. and we’re done.”

In the same interview, Mike reflected on the success of Run The Jewels and explained why he never foresee them becoming so big. The rapper said: “I didn’t see it for exactly what it was because I’ve never been here before, but I knew we were something badass and we were going to be big. Big is relative. Coming off the underground, big is just, ‘Hey man, I went gold,’ and I can play small clubs.”

Mike added: “Did I see us doing 100,000 people in England with [Labour Party leader] Jeremy Corbyn? Did I see us opening for the Foo Fighters at the Super Bowl in Atlanta? Did I see us doing Pitchfork Music Festival with 40,000 kids? No, I did not. I am so, so grateful.”

Killer Mike is due to release his new solo album Michael on June 16th. The LP is his first solo LP in over a decade, he said of the project: “RTJ is the X-Men, this is my Logan”.