Killer Mike says Andre 3000 has a new record on the way
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Killer Mike says Andre 3000 has a new record on the way

One-half of the duo Run The Jewels, Killer Mike, has unveiled that his fellow Atlanta counterpart Andre 3000, has new music on the way. The two rappers have been associates for years, and in a recent interview with Sway in the Morning, the emcee (real name Michael Render) teased that there may be some new music coming from the former Outkast member. 

Earlier this year, Render released his sixth solo album, MICHAEL, which featured some outstanding collaborations, including tracks with CeeLo Green, Young Thug, Andre 3000, Future, 2 Chainz, and Ty Dolla Sign. While in the studio with 3000 (real name Andre Benjamin), Render disclosed that the ‘Hey Ya’ rapper played him some new music.

Elaborating on the session during which Killer Mike invited Andre to check out his latest album, Render explained, “He played like nine, ten joints for us, and he said, ‘Well, just pick what you like and do something with it.'” The Rune The Jewels act explained that this studio rendezvous was the reason Benjamin was featured on ‘Scientists & Engineers.’

Killer Mike explained to the radio hosts that he had been trying to get a collaboration with Benjamin for over a decade. However, the Outkast musician repeatedly told him, “I’m not into rapping right now.” After hearing that Andre 3000 was back in Atlanta and in the studio, Sway Calloway proclaimed, Sounds like Dre got an album!”

However, Killer Mike confirmed his suspicions, divulging, “Yeah, I think we fly out in a couple of weeks to listen to it.” If Andre 3000 releases an album, it will be his first official solo project ever. The last project he released was in 2006 when (as part of Outkast) he put out Idlewild.

Benjamin has made guest appearances and contributed to the production of several albums over the years but has done so highly erratically. He has worked with the likes of Tyler, The Creator and Kendrick Lamar but hasn’t released an album of his own since 2006.

He played the flute on the Everything Everywhere All at Once soundtrack and appeared on Kanye West’s Donda bonus cut ‘Life of the Party.’ However, according to Render, he is more interested in acting than music currently. You can watch Killer Mikes Sway In The Morning interview in the video below.