Kid Cudi’s favourite rapper of all time
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Kid Cudi's favourite rapper of all time

Kid Cudi is one of the most dynamic hip-hop artists of the last two decades, and his influence knows no bounds. However, while he’s a pioneer inhis own right, there’s one rapper from the old-school that he called his “favourite” of all time.

Travis Scott has always been open about Cudi being the reason why he’s managed to craft his unique style, and many others in the game similarly idolise him. But even Cudi has a hero that he looks up to. Although their styles couldn’t be further apart; without this man, then Scott Macudi would never have rapped in the first place.

Speaking to Complex in 2012, Cudi revealed when he named Doggystyle as one of his favourite albums of all time. He revealed: “Snoop Dogg is my favourite rapper ever, so this album is one of those things that I had to put on a list. It was the first time I was introduced to the man and I thought he was the coolest motherfucker alive. His whole cadence, his delivery, his swag—it was real. It was something that I never heard before.”

At the time, Cudi was 13, and Snoop single-handedly changed his life with the rapper declaring that “it was something that I never heard before”. He goes on to say how the combination of Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg was a lethal one that he found exhilarating.

He added: “Dr Dre always snaps, but he really flexed his shit on Doggystyle. He was flexing for Snoop and they crafted something really amazing, something that changed my life forever. Something that made Snopp Dogg my favourite rapper of all time.”

“Snoop is the epitome of what a hip-hop artist is supposed to be. No fake, no phoney shit. Stand-up n****, real n****. Came from a real fucked-up situation and made something of himself. That, to me, is what a real hip-hop artist should be,” he continued.

Cudi then discussed how Snoop’s versatility influences his own art. He continued: “Snoop is definitely a hip-hop artist. He’s super creative and always tries to reinvent himself and push the envelope and still stay true to Snoop. That’s where I get my whole shit, where I can do rock and roll, but it’s still Kid Cudi.”

People often forget about what an ethereal talent Snoop is because of the character he has created. Cudi’s remarks act as a reminder that the Doggfather is one of the most important figures in hip-hop history, and someone whose influence isn’t discussed enough.