Kid Cudi pleases fan with heartwarming phone call
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Kid Cudi pleases fan with heartwarming phone call

Kid Cudi has made a fan’s day after making a heartwarming phone call.

Cudi got in contact with a fan’s mother on Twitter to ask to speak on the phone to her son, and cheer him up. “So great talkin w u Jackson! Cant wait to meet u lil man” Cudi wrote on Twitter after the phonecall. In response, she said, “Thank you for making his night!” to which Cudi replied, “Hes the cutest!!! Cool pj’s too!! Not a problem!! Sendin mad love!!”

Meanwhile, today Cudi has dropped his debut mixtape A Kid Named Cudi, on streaming platforms. The Cleveland rapper first announced the project would drop online back in March, and, now it’s finally here.

One of the changes that Cudi made to the mixtape was the cover art which originally featured Mr. Solo Dolo’s face placed behind some black writing, which Cudi adjusted to a black-and-white photo of himself in New York.

“This photo was taken by Mel D Cole on 9.22.08 in NYC,” Cudi wrote in an Instagram caption to announce the new art. “Right before my life changed forever.”

“I’m sorry cud but the og cover too iconic,” one angry fan replied on Twitter. Cudi then replied, “I’m sorry but that cover i never liked and this is way better to see me at that time. Some of yall be so stuck on the past and dont wanna see any change its really sad. This photo is as equally if not more iconic. Ur bogus.”