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Kid Cudi is releasing two new albums in 2022

2022 looks to be a busy year for Kid Cudi, who is plotting to release two albums next year.

Cudi’s last project, Man on the Moon III: The Chosen, arrived in 2020 and marked the rapper’s first album in four years. Now, he has premiered the track, ‘Freshie’, during his set at Rolling Loud California and told fans about his grand plans for next year.

One of his upcoming LP’s, Entergalactic, has been in the works for years and is set to coincide with his Netflix show of the same name next summer. Earlier this year, he tweeted, “Entergalactic album and show droppin 2022 end of summer!! Recorded the first season and couldn’t be more hyped for yall to see. Ur gonna be blown away. Next level shit only. Changing the game as always.”

However, that’s not all he has up his sleeve for 2022. During his performance, he revealed, “As you know, I have ‘Entergalactic’ coming in the summer. I wanna drop another album before that.

“I got some tasty surprises, and I really am excited about all this new shit, this new music to give to you guys. That’s why I’m teasing this shit now because it’s coming out soon. Tonight, record this shit,” he continued.

Fingers crossed, Cudi sticks to his word and makes 2022 his year.