Kendrick Lamar shares brand new single ‘The Heart Part 5’
(Credit: Batiste Safont)

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Kendrick Lamar shares brand new single ‘The Heart Part 5’

Kendrick Lamar has returned with his first new song in four years, ‘The Heart Part 5’, and it’s good to have him back.

Remarkably, the rapper hasn’t shared a solo single since ‘All The Stars’ in 2018, and ‘The Heart Part 5’ is Kendrick making up for the lost time. The new track is the first release from Lamar’s new album, Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers, which drops on Friday.

On the track, he raps: “I said I’d do this for my culture, To let y’all know what a n**** look like in a bulletproof Rover, In my mama’s sofa was a doo-doo popper Hair trigger, walk up closer, ain’t no Photoshoppin’, Friends bipolar, grab you by your pockets, No option if you froze up, always play the offence.”

There’s a reason why Kendrick is the only rapper to win a Pulitzer Prize, and on ‘The Heart Part 5’, he shows that he’s operating on a different planet from anybody else.

The powerful new release is the latest instalment from his ‘The Heart’ series, which began in 2010. On the effort, Kendrick gives an emotional recap of where his head has been since we last caught up with him and also talks about his own mortality.

At the end of the emotional sermon, Lamar dishes out some vital life advice for those listening as he raps: “‘Cause you can’t help the world until you help yourself.” The King is back.