Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef dominates the chart
(Credits: Hip Hop Hero / YouTube Stills)


Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef dominates the chart

Kendrick Lamar and Drake have been feuding for over a month and it seems that the buzz it has generated is benefitting both of them, as new statistics show that both MCs are ruling the charts with their diss tracks. 

The beef has seen the release of tracks such as Drake’s ‘Family Matters’, Kendrick’s ‘Euphoria’ and many more from both sides. Not only have the diss songs been dominating social media, but now they have gone one step further by managing to enter the Billboard Hot 100.

According to new chart data released by Billboard on May 13th, K.Dot’s ‘Not Like Us’ has successfully secured the number-one spot on the charts. Furthermore, ‘Euphoria’, ‘Like That’ and Drake’s ‘Family Matters’ have all fallen within the top ten. 

‘Euphoria’ has managed to stay in the charts for over a fortnight, and Metro Boomin and Future’s ‘Like That’, which began the entire feud, has remained within the top ten since its release on April 6th. 

Taking to Instagram, the producer of ‘Not Like Us’, DJ Mustard, celebrated his new hit with fans by posting the official statistics, with a caption reading, “Sometimes you really gotta pop out and show n*ggas!!!! To think . . . They really fronted on me and acted like I’m not who I am! I’m thankful but not surprised; I never lost sight and stayed down.”

He concluded the caption, writing, “With my back against the wall is where I thrive. Summer started last week, according to me!! See ya sooner than you think! cc: Kendrick Lamar city back up !!!”

In other Kendrick and Drake news, the Canadian took to Instagram over the weekend to post a picture of a Japanese samurai warrior battling an army, referencing the  “20 vs. 1” rhyme he rapped on ‘Push Ups’. Above the post, he wrote, “Good times. Summer vibes up next.”

Many fans have speculated this means Drake is retreating from the feud. One fan commented, “And just like that, one of the greatest beefs in hip hop history has just ended,” with another writing, “He threw the white flag.”

With both artists profiting from the beef, see the official chart data below.