Kanye West talks about how Larry Hoover reconnected him with Drake
(Credit: Instagram/Kanye West)


Kanye West talks about how Larry Hoover reconnected him with Drake

Kanye West has shared clips from his Future Brunch event from February, which Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee hosted as part of Ye’s celebration of Black Future Month.

The event was exclusively attended by Black journalists from publications including EssenceEbonyBillboard, and The New York Times. During the brunch, Ye gave a speech to those in attendance, and one of the topics he discussed was the concert for Larry Hoover with Drake last year.

For a decade, the two rappers were locked in a bitter feud that never seemed like it would never end; however, they put it aside for a cause greater than themselves.

Hoover has been imprisoned since 1973 for killing 19-year-old drug dealer William ‘Pooky’ Young. He has since had extra charges added to his sentence for conspiracy, extortion, and money laundering.

“Larry Hoover brought me and Drake together. That man created peace. Larry Hoover called that from the prison, and everybody was happy,” West told those in attendance during his Future Brunch speech.

Ye continued: “When people see me and Drake pull up to a basketball game with both of our sons, that’s gonna save people’s lives in the hood.”

Elsewhere in his speech, West also spoke about the late Virgil Abloh and said, “Virgil was the third person in a position of power at LVMH to die of cancer, without his gang, without his support system.”