Kanye West sued by a paparazzi photographer for assault
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Kanye West sued by a paparazzi photographer for assault

Cultural icon Kanye West has always been a volatile, erratic and unpredictable character. However, earlier this year, the rapper was involved in an altercation with LA paparazzi so egregious that a photographer has taken legal action against him for assault, battery and negligence. The producer has always had a fiery temperament. Unfortunately, in this instance, he may have crossed the line.

According to multiple sources, the confrontation occurred earlier this year in California as the entertainer was escorting his daughter, North, back from a basketball game. West is said to have also been with his newlywed wife, Bianca Censori. It has been reported that several paparazzi were tailing the rapper, and in frustration, he pulled over to confront the photographers. Allegedly shortly after his exit from the car, the musician got physical.

The heated incident, which got caught on camera, shows West aggressively searching photographers’ pockets, and the individual who has taken legal action (Nichol Lechmanik) alleges that the rapper then targeted her. Several recordings show the father-of-four walking up to Lechmanik’s car angrily shouting at her, declaring, “You all ain’t gonna run up on me like that!”

The several videos taken show the rapper fiercely proclaiming, “If I say stop, stop with your cameras.” Following this, West snatches Lechmanik’s phone from her hands and launches it into the street, shattering it in the process. The rest of the incident got captured by Nichol’s business partner, a passenger in the car.

Directly after the incident, the Lechmanik drove to the county Sheriff’s Department to report West’s abusive and manic episode. Although the allegations against West were initially taken seriously, the office did not believe the incident was significant, and the Chicago producer did not get charged. However, Nichol believed it was atrocious.

Following the dismissal by the Sheriff’s Department, Lechmanik has now filed a lawsuit against the billionaire artist. According to the documents obtained by the hip-hop media outlet TMZ, the photographer is seeking an injunction to prevent Kanye by law from touching or harassing photographers.