Kanye West stands still in mask for entire Rolling Loud set
(Credits: Hip Hop Hero / YouTube Stills)


Kanye West stands still in mask for entire Rolling Loud set

Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign recently performed at Rolling Loud California in Los Angeles. However, fans didn’t get quite what they came for as West simply stood still on stage in a hockey mask while Vultures 1 played over the speakers.

The announcement of the pair’s performance was a late addition to the lineup. However, Rolling Loud posted a since-deleted Instagram post, “Vultures headlining new Thursday night.” Although the set list was not revealed, fans were at least expecting the two artists to put on a show.

That said, it was a shock when the duo stood in entirely black outfits doing nothing. West roamed the stage at the SoFi Stadium in his haunting hockey mask, turning a performance into a rather underwhelming listening party.

Following the stunt, West and Ty Dolla $ign left the stage, leaving a DJ to play some of the Chicago native’s more well-known throwback hits while a copious amount of dry ice covered the stage.

Defending their odd performance in an interview with LA radio host Big Boy, Ty Dolla $ign stated, “It’s still better than other people’s shows who have a mic, but what I noticed a while ago is, there could be a band on a festival, and they go up there and kill it, then there’s a DJ that just goes out there without a mic. They’re playing way more, so you can still do it without having a mic.”

West justified it by suggesting that people just want the experience and don’t need the extras. The performance was similar to one of Ye’s many listening parties. However, this is the first time has ever held a listening party to play music people have already heard and the first in a festival setting.

Many critics were angry that Rolling Loud invited West to perform, considering his record of anti-semitism, which has cost the emcee publishing, brand deals and many endorsements.

You can watch the unorthodox performance below.