Kanye West set to release new music with Ty Dolla $ign
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Kanye West set to release new music with Ty Dolla $ign

The elusive and troublesome producer Kanye West appears to have returned to the studio after a clip of him making music alongside Ty Dolla $ign recently surfaced on the internet.

Late last month, the emcee was wanted for allegedly breaching Italy’s anti-terror laws by wearing a full-face covering while out in public. However, it appears he is back in Italy working on new material for his fans.

A recently posted video clip circulating the internet sees Kanye in the studio listening to a Ty Dolla $ign verse over one of his beats before excitedly exclaiming, “Ya’ll hear this s**t!” The footage corroborates reports that Kanye is carefully crafting a new project for fans following the recent leak of Jesus Is King 2. 

Sources close to the rapper have told outlets that West has been spending an unfathomable amount of time in the studio with some of his longtime collaborators, and according to one anonymous source close to Kanye, he has already churned out an impressive ten new songs in just the past week alone.

In 2018, following the release of Ye, it was reported that West and Ty Dolla $ign were working on a collaborative project entitled Yandhi. However, nothing came to fruition, but during that period, at an exclusive Coachella party, the Chicago native previewed their song ‘Ego Death.’ Now, fans are hopeful they will finally receive the body of work promised in 2018.

West’s projects usually involve surprises and tedious delays, as evidenced by the messy release of Donda, when he replaced Jay-Z’s verse with DaBaby’s on ‘Jail.’ The College Dropout creator is meticulous and, as such, any body of work promised takes an age to reach his high standards.

According to anonymous sources, as reported by TMZ, Ye is in a “great headspace” at the moment, despite the fact he still seems as erratic as ever. While in Italy, giving a preview of his supposed upcoming album, many have said he seemed agitated. However, new music is hopeful.