Kanye West on receiving end of Sacha Baron Cohen Borat skit
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Kanye West on receiving end of Sacha Baron Cohen Borat skit

Following the Saturday Night Live sketch that took the piss out of the Skecher HQ debacle, Kanye West has once again become the object of derision in a comedy format. This time, Sacha Baron Cohen highlighted the ridiculousness of his antisemitic views through his Borat character.

Kanye West’s ridiculous views on Judaism have been the object of derision once again in the world of comedy. His Skechers debacle had been the theme of a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, and now Sacha Baron Cohen had mocked the rapper through a skit with his beloved Borat character.

Cohen had been celebrating the career of U2 during the Kennedy Center Honours on Sunday night (4th November) when he performed a hilarious routine as his iconic Kazakh TV journalist. First, Cohen pointed out the fact that President Joe Biden was in attendance and mistook him for his predecessor Donald Trump.

“I know the president of US and A is here,” he said. “Where are you, Mr Trump? You don’t look so good. Where has your glorious big belly gone? And your pretty orange skin has become pale. But I see you have a new wife. Wawawoooah! She is very erotic. I must look away before I get a Bono.”

Cohen then pointed the finger at Kanye West and his recent storm of antisemitic views. “Before I proceed, I will say I am very upset about the antisemitism in US and A,” he said. “It not fair. Kazakhstan is number one Jew-crushing nation. Stop stealing our hobby. Stop the steal! Stop the steal! Your Kanye, he tried to move to Kazakhstan and even changed his name to Kazakhstanye West. But we said: No, he too antisemitic, even for us.”

West has been banned from Twitter for a second time. Last Friday (December 2nd), he shared an image of a swastika inside a Star of David on the social media website. Twitter owner Elon Musk had previously claimed to be in favour of free speech on the platform, but thankfully made a U-turn and banned West as his post “violated the company’s policies.”