Kanye West uses his return to Instagram to call Elon Musk a “genetic hybrid”
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Kanye West uses his return to Instagram to call Elon Musk a “genetic hybrid”

Not a day seems to go by without Kanye West finding his name in a strange headline—today is no different. The rapper returned to Instagram and quickly started accusing Elon Musk of being a clone. 

West had found himself banned from Musk’s platform Twitter shortly after his account was first reinstated following a previous ban. Thus, West took to his shunned Instagram account to claim that Musk wasn’t necessarily human. 

Musk’s team had removed West’s account from Twitter for the third time in less than two months after he tweeted a picture of a swastika inside a Star of David further exacerbating his recent antisemitic remarks.   

His Instagram post hit back, with West writing: “Am I the only one who thinks Elon could be half-Chinese? Have you ever seen his pics as a child? Take a Chinese genius and mate them with a South African supermodel and we have an Elon.”

He then went on to claim that this process must have been done genetically engineered. “I say an Elon because they probably made 10 to 30 Elon’s and he’s the first genetic hybrid that stuck,” the rapper and presidential candidate said. “Well, let’s not forget about Obama.”

He captioned this post: “On Jay Zs birthday Future president of the United States Ye uses Mark Zuckerberg’s platform to incite a mass investigation of Elon Musk’s childhood photos in the midst of Balenciagagate I call this The theory of everything Problem solved Praise God.”

Investment mogul Musk replied to the story breaking on Twitter by commenting, “I take that as a compliment.” West later interacted with this via Instagram, saying (grammatically amended): “It was meant as a compliment my friend. Now, Obama on the other hand…”