Kanye West reveals he is in $4 billion lawsuit with Adidas
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Kanye West reveals he is in $4 billion lawsuit with Adidas

In 2022, following a string of anti-semitic comments and a meltdown that saw him fraternise with right-wing extremists, Chicago producer and designer Kanye West was dropped by the sneaker company Adidas for misconduct. 

The company were forced to cut ties with the rapper after employees accused West of “toxic and chaotic” behaviour in the workplace, and a video of West showing a porn film to Adidas executives got leaked online.

However, following a recent complaint made by an esteemed Atlanta sneaker store about the quality of their new Yeezy stock, in a DM, West admitted that Adidas had been mass producing his designs and unveiled that he is currently in a $4billion lawsuit with them that could see his net worth fall to zero.

On January 31st, the social media account of an Atlanta-based sneaker company made a complaint about their Yeezy stock, writing, “So this what they mean when Size 3 fits size 10-13 in the Yeezy Pod?”

Seeing the customer’s dissatisfaction with the product, West messaged the company, writing, “I worked for a year on these and put them out myself. [Michael] Jordan wanted to do his own brand, and Nike threatened Footlocker to pull all they shoes out the stores. Adidas copied all my shit and treated me like shit.”

He continued, “Adidas is suing me for 4 billion dollars and selling my shoes without paying me, and they said I misused the marketing fund when I am the marketing. That’s why they sent me the money in the first place. You have no idea how much work I’ve put into everything we do.”

Ever since they cut ties West, Adidas has been caught up in legal proceedings. Last year, Adidas abruptly dropped its $75million lawsuit against the rapper and producer’s brand following a week of intense litigation. You can see West’s DM below.