Kanye West reportedly tried to move actual childhood home into stadium for ‘Donda’ listening event
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Kanye West reportedly tried to move actual childhood home into stadium for ‘Donda’ listening event

It has surfaced that Kanye West tried to move his real-life childhood Chicago home to Soldier Field stadium for his listening event last week.

West instead was forced to recreate the home in Chicago, where he spent his most formative years. On paper, that stunt seemed wild enough and perfect for peak Kanye, but it’s since emerged that was a mere backup plan. If he had his way, Yeezy would have moved his former house onto the stage without prevention from local authorities, according to reports.

“Moving a home in Chicago is a very technical process that requires structural engineer reports and multiple city permits,” a representative for the department told the Chicago-Sun Times. “The request to move the house at 7815 S. South Shore Dr. was denied last week because no permit application had been received to excavate and move the vacant property which is also in Demolition Court.”

Meanwhile, a report from last April confirmed that the rapper astonishingly bought the home that he lived in. West purchased the home where he lived until he was 20 for around $225,000. He has a strong emotional attachment to the property and initially had plans to renovate it, which have not yet materialised.

Controversially, during the Donda live event, West brought out Marilyn Manson during proceedings, who has been accused of sexual abuse, and assault by a string of women after his ex-partner Evan Rachel Wood came forward in February.

Yeezy also handed the spotlight to DaBaby, who recently landed in hot water after disgracing himself on stage at Rolling Loud festival when he made abhorrent homophobic comments during his set.

Hip Hop Hero’s review of the album noted: “For the amount of hype, controversy, and intrigue that followed Donda, its release parties, and its multiple delayed release dates, the last thing you can say is that Kanye doesn’t deliver. Donda is everything you could possibly have imagined and more. It’s frustrating, repetitive, and unwieldy, but also fascinating, insightful, and highly enjoyable. There are occasional good-time jams, but the album mostly sounds like Kanye helming a ship that could crash at any moment.”