Kanye West enlists Marilyn Manson and DaBaby on stage for ‘Donda’ livestream
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Kanye West enlists Marilyn Manson and DaBaby on stage for 'Donda' livestream

Kanye West’s grand reveal for Donda was already proving controversial long before the stage performance had begun. Staying true to form, the Livestream itself was as fraught as the build-up. 

Marilyn Manson has been continually in the news since February after a string of misconduct accusations hit the headlines with court cases against the star due to commence soon. Thus, he was an unlikely figure to see emerging from what appeared to be an incarnation of Kanye West’s childhood home, constructed in the centre of the Chicago Soldier Field stadium. 

And Manson wasn’t the only controversial figure present at the event. It appeared that a masked DaBaby also walked out during the opening tune of the night believed to be titled ‘Jail’. DaBaby also recently hit the headlines for homophobic remarks, which he seemed to make light of in his verse about being “cancelled” during the song. 

The third notable guest star of the show came in the form of Kim Kardashian as the former presidential candidate went what many commentators are describing as ‘full joker’ in reference to the children’s comic terrorist. Kardashian was wearing a lavish wedding dress and as she approached West, wedding bells rang out. They came face to face, West finally removed his mask, then the lights were suddenly killed. 

Controversial guests aside, the livestream was blighted with more drama than a Michael Bay soap opera, as West proceeded to set himself on fire, seemed to have characters wearing Zodiac killer costumes, and hinted at a 2024 presidential election run.

As of yet, the release date for the album still remains very unclear. It was speculated to drop immediately after the livestream, but at the time of writing nothing has yet materialised.