Kanye West previews unreleased song with Andre 3000
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Kanye West previews unreleased song with Andre 3000

In a new interview, Kanye West has previewed and discussed an unreleased collaboration with Andre 3000.

The rapper was talking with the German newspaper, Bild, which is a rarity nowadays for Ye when he made the revelation. He was seemingly in an excitable mood as he played the interviewer, an unheard feature from Outkast’s Andre 3000 during their conversation.

Donda was littered with guest appearances which included shining moments from The Weeknd, Jay-Z, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, and Jay Electronica. However, there was also a hattrick of less welcome appearances from Chris Brown, Marilyn Manson, and DaBaby, yet, for some reason, Andre 3000 didn’t make it on to the album.

“I produce music in my thoughts, no matter where I am,” Kanye said during the interview before playing the snippet. The pair previously collaborated when they linked up on a remix of ‘Deuces’ by Chris Brown, Fonzworth Bentley’s ‘Everybody’, while Andre also turned up on West’s ’30 Hours’.

Furthermore, if we are talking unreleased music from the pair, Andre also recorded a verse on Nas’ Kanye-produced album Nasir which never made it onto the record.

In a review of DondaHip Hop Hero’s noted: “For the amount of hype, controversy, and intrigue that followed Donda, its release parties, and its multiple delayed release dates, the last thing you can say is that Kanye doesn’t deliver. 

Donda is everything you could possibly have imagined and more. It’s frustrating, repetitive, and unwieldy, but also fascinating, insightful, and highly enjoyable. There are occasional good-time jams, but the album mostly sounds like Kanye helming a ship that could crash at any moment.”