(Credit: Corrine Murray / Twitter)


André 3000 performs with buskers in Portland

Outkast’s Andre 3000 is rarely seen in public and largely remains out of the public eye. However, last week a surprised fan spotted the musician with his double flute at an open mic night in Portland, and another recognised him performing with buskers.

Andre is currently in Portland filming the upcoming Kelly Reichardt film, Showing Up, which stars Michelle Williams. The rapper has some time on his hands while he is in town and thought, why not check out what the local music scene has to offer.

In pictures, Andre is stood at the back of the outdoor venue wearing his mask, dressed in gym clothes, and holding his trademark double flute. Even though he came prepared to play, he decided against it but did watch every single act on the bill.

Fan Summer Hatfield wrote: “Coolest thing ever tonight! I went to an open mic event at a park and saw someone with a unique looking double flute. I commented on how cool it looked and chatted with this super nice, chill dude for a minute before going to sit in the grass.

“It wasn’t until after I’d sat that someone whispered to me ‘you know who that is right?’ It was Andre 3000!!!”

She continued: “He stayed and hung out for the entire show and cheered for every person who performed. Was really hoping to get to hear him play, but his humbleness only made me love him even more. What a sweet dude.”

Then, another fan called Corrine Murray was fortunate enough to see him play when she bumped into him over the past weekend in Portland. He kindly stopped for a chat with his flute, and she then captured a photo of him joining in with local buskers. 

See the images, below.