Kanye West picks his new favourite artist
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Kanye West picks his new favourite artist

Kanye West was recently spotted in Hollywood at Charlie Wilson’s Walk of Fame ceremony, where he was asked about new artists and when questioned, he was quick to respond, letting the culture know that Dallas singer 4Batz is on his radar.

While getting followed by the paparazzi on his way there and way back, West had some issues with the journalists, and things got heated. However, when questioned by a photographer, “Any artists out there that’s impressing you right now that are coming up?” The Chicago native swiftly replied, “4Batz.”

Kanye linked up with the Dallas vocalist earlier this year after the release of his viral TikTok hit ‘act ii: date @ 8’. The popularity of the track has caused a label bidding war, with Republic Records, Atlantic Records and Warner Records all in the race.

The singer (real name Neko Bennett) posted a photo of him on a FaceTime call with Ye on social media captioned, “I was just sleeping onna floor, n now I’m onna phone wit ye yall n*ggas can’t tell me nun.”

Ty Dolla $ign, who is dropping a joint album with West later this year, commented on Bennett’s post with an “OK” emoji. Timbaland also posted in the comments, writing, “That’s what I’m talking bout.”

Timbaland brought attention to 4Batz earlier this year on social media, writing, “Uh oh, who dis kid? 4Batz. Dallas, y’all got one! Think y’all got one with this one. Yo, his tone is crazy.”

He continued, “I’m telling you now, The Boy, get on this. It’s outta here. It’s already outta here. This thing right here. And y’all know who The Boy is. Oh, Batz, you gotta get — oh, the remix gon’ be stupid.”

Drake has also recognised 4Batz, suggesting he’s up for a collaboration.