Kanye West launches ‘Stem Player’, a $200 way of listening to ‘Donda’
(Credit: NRK P3)


Kanye West launches 'Stem Player', a $200 way of listening to 'Donda'

Kanye West has launched a new product called the ‘Stem Player’, which will cost $200 for fans to purchase.

Ye first mentioned the development of this product back in 2019 during a conversation with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. It’s hard to keep up with the number of wild schemes that Kanye has up his sleeve, but this is one that he’s seen through and is now available to buy.

The device lets users “customise any song”, which in effect allows them to “control vocals, drums, bass, and samples,” and also “isolate parts” to add effects or “split any song into stems”.

Furthermore, the item arrives in a silicone case alongside a carry case and USB cable. It also includes 8GB storage, a 97db speaker and four touch-sensitive light sliders. The product also promises to contain real-time loop/speed controls and the capacity to live sample.

Meanwhile, the rapper’s tenth studio album, Donda, is scheduled to finally arrive tomorrow, but expectations of that actually happening has never been lower. Over the last month, Ye fans have got used to feeling disappointed when release day rolls around, ready for the inevitable moment the project doesn’t appear on streaming services.