Kanye West labels Kim Kardashian as a “racist Karen”
(Credit: Cosmopolitan UK)


Kanye West labels Kim Kardashian as a "racist Karen"

Kanye West has been spouting numerous controversial things recently, and his attack on ex-wife Kim Kardashian is just the latest in what has become a tiring tirade of vitriol and disrespect from the Chicago rapper, designer and billionaire.

In March of this year, Kanye and Kardashian officially ended their divorce proceedings and are both no longer married. However, since then, West has pested and harassed the reality TV star, embarrassing himself in the process. Furthermore, earlier this year, it was reported that Kanye’s abuse even led to Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson seeking out a PTSD therapist.

Now, during an in-depth, sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson show for Fox News, Kanye has thrown out several strange allegations about his wife. Speaking about his relationship with Donald Trump, West revealed that Kardashian was opposed to it as she had what Kanye insinuated was a close relationship with the Clintons.

From here, he began to address her malicious co-parenting shenanigans as he exclaimed: “Everyone saw in broad daylight these public figures kidnap my Black child on her birthday.” Detailing further, he continued: “I did not know the location of the birthday party, and Travis Scott had to give me the address. When I showed up, they were so frazzled. If that’s not the most Karen-level thing, to feel like you can take a Black child and not give the father the address.”

Throughout the interview, the rapper seemed insistent that Kardashian would be much more lenient with him if he were white. Beyond racism and his ex-wife Kardashian, West also seemed hell-bent on once again conflating his new-found religious views with his new conspiracy about the Jewish community.

Delving into the two, West told Carlson how Margaret Sanger, a “known eugenics” activist, created Planned Parenthood with the KKK to “control the Jew population”. In reference to the Jewish community, he suddenly flipped the script on listeners, saying that when he says Jewish people, he means black people. He expounded: “When I say Jew, I mean the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who the people known as the race Black really are…this is who our people are. The blood of Christ. This, as a Christian, is my belief.”

Kanye continued his rant, insisting that Black people are the “real” Jews. At this point, a lot of what Kanye says comes from a place of either mental illness or ignorance; however, like Van Lathan of TMZ noted all those years ago, what Kanye says is nonsensical, and it is most definitely not based in fact. You can watch part one of the interview below.