Kanye West wants Jamie Foxx to play him in a movie
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Kanye West wants Jamie Foxx to play him in a movie

Kanye West has revealed in an Instagram post that if a biopic is ever made about his life, he’d want Jamie Foxx to star as him in the leading role. 

When asking fans online who they would like to play him in a hypothetical film, West provided his own suggestion, stating that Foxx is “one of the greatest geniuses”. Whilst many praised his choice in the comments of the Instagram post, others joked that West should be played by Danny DeVito, or even Pete Davidson, with whom the rapper has shared a personal feud in recent years. 

Indeed, West and Foxx have collaborated several times throughout the past few decades, appearing on the single ‘Slow Jamz’ by Twista in 2003, as well as when the actor appeared on West’s iconic song ‘Gold Digger’ in 2005. 

An outspoken figure in Hollywood, Foxx is one of the most culturally pertinent actors currently working in the industry, having made a name for himself as a quality Oscar-winning lead performer. Ascending the industry ladder through the 1990s, Foxx helped to consolidate his place in cinema with the likes of films such as Ray, Jarhead, Law Abiding Citizen and Django Unchained

At the very forefront of conversations regarding continued efforts for black civil rights in the 21st century, Foxx has become far more than just a celebrity, particularly in modern times.

It’s for this reason that we doubt Foxx will want to play Kanye West, particularly after the rapper dressed models at his Yeezy show for Paris Fashion Week in clothes emblazoned ‘White Lives Matter’.