Has Kanye West crossed the line with “White Lives Matter”?
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Has Kanye West crossed the line with "White Lives Matter"?

Kanye West is a troubled individual. An erratic character and a person that has morphed over time. When I look at Kanye West, I see someone who is lost, still grieving, and caught up in a system. I also see someone who involves themself in things they actually don’t know anything about trying to push narratives from the abnormal perspective of a billionaire.

It’s too late to say West has crossed the line because he crosses it daily. In footage from 2004 of Kanye and Pharrell in the studio, Pharrell told Kanye, “You’re gonna make it and when you make it, try not to lose perspective”. West obviously didn’t get the message.

Ye is an individual who has been so far removed from his community for so long that he has not only lost touch but actually lost interest. Nothing he says or does is based in reality. Half of the things Ye says and does he does because he gets the green light from caucasian sycophants.

When Van Lathan explained to Kanye about the real-life marginalisation that African-Americans face every day, Kanye seemed stumped and could not respond. West has not faced that marginalisation for over two decades. Kanye West was not even raised in the ghetto, as many people know, he was brought up in the suburbs. So the actual plight and desperation some of his community face he has just never faced, and it is evident from the things he says and does compare to someone like Jay-Z, who actually comes from an impoverished background

Jay-Z hasn’t faced that marginalisation for a while, either. However, it seems that for Hov, to be respected by his own community is a priority. Jay wants to show himself and his community as respectable people and keeps in mind where he came from.

On the other hand, West has no problem not only directly undermining and demeaning the struggles of his community with these latest designs, but he believes that it is right.

Personally, I believe that Kanye not only has a messiah complex which his fans feed into, but also Stockholm syndrome. Caught up and taken hostage by record labels and fashion corporations. From the MAGA hat to the confederate flag jacket, I believe as someone who has achieved the so-called ‘American Dream’ and has been surrounded by money for the best part of 25 years, Kanye has developed an infatuation with capitalist white America.

But what about his community? The majority of the African-American community despise and loathe capitalist white America because they are suppressed by it, but as an African-American who has been lucky enough to thrive in the system, he is now pinning the blame on his community.

For example, in 2018, when he said slavery was a choice. He chose to blame the African-American demographic for their conditions because he is under the impression that capitalist white America is benign because he is black and managed to make it, so it’s not white America, it must be Black America that’s the problem.

Kanye West is delusional in his infatuation with white America. And Charlamagne Tha God summed it up exceptionally when he stated, “I’ve said this a million times, and every time I say it, folks call me a hater but the reality is there are not too many people in the world who openly seek white validation like Kanye West. Whenever he’s going through something, whenever there’s beef with a corporation or beef with his ex-wife, he becomes so pro-Black, but when he’s up and things are fine, it’s ‘slavery was choice, black people focus on race too much’ and when he’s in these circles like he was in Paris it’s white lives matter. Kanye West loves white validation, he longs for it, and it amazes me that folks let what they already know make them mad.”

Boosie Badazz also commented on the situation. Taking to Twitter he wrote, “After all we been through as a race you put this disrespectful sh*t on!! U gives no f*cks about how blacks have died and suffered at the hands of the white man, and u say Bush don’t like black people!!”

Irrespective of whether or not it’s a marketing ploy, Kanye is losing respect in his community fast. You can watch the Charlamagne video below as well as see watch Kanye at Paris Fashion Week.