Kanye West fans start a GoFundMe to restore his billionaire status
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Kanye West fans start a GoFundMe to restore his billionaire status

Owing to his recent antisemitic outbursts, Kanye West has been losing sponsors left, right and centre. It follows that this has marginally dented his already sizable fortune. However, ardent fans sticking by the rapper have launched various GoFundMe pages in an attempt to restore his billionaire status. 

The biggest blow to his fortune came when Adidas dropped their huge contract with West and replaced him with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. This resulted in West becoming merely a multi-millionaire, thus, fans decided to launch a ‘Make Kanye West a Billionaire Again’ campaign. 

Forbes estimates that the whopping Adidas deal was worth $1.5 billion and without this huge commercial contract, his other incomes amount to a measly $400 million. Therefore, fans of the controversial rapper’s economic status rallied to encourage people to raise $600 million. (N.B. this is not satire).

His fans failed to raise more than five dollars on each of the various pages launched before GoFundMe took them down citing that they did not fulfil the charitable ethos of the site in the true sense of the word. 

With partners severing ties with Kanye West to such an extent that the sensation has now become an internet meme, it would seem that his billionaire status will slip away for now. However, with a fanbase that ardently stands by him, clearly, he won’t sink into the commercial doldrums. 

And as for West himself, the musician even recently claimed that he quite likes getting sued because he finds the trials “funny”. Please find a legitimate cause for GoFundMe below.