Kanye West equated to “overrated cereal” by Aries Spears
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Kanye West equated to “overrated cereal” by Aries Spears

Aside from all the rants and craziness, Kanye West is still, arguably, the most influential figure in hip hop without and, on numbers alone, obliterates almost every single rapper in the genre with his sales and overall accumulated wealth.

Elusively and erratically emerging from his Wyoming studio with new projects and creative visions, whether it’s to do with fashion, music or other, people turn their heads and invest in what Kanye West produces and sells. From his Sunday Services to his ‘Yeezus’ nickname, there has been a mass deification of Kanye. That is the level of impact he has had on popular culture since he signed with Roc-a-Fella 20 years ago.

2022 has seen Kanye have what some would call a mental breakdown. From his public abuse of Pete Davidson to his professed love for the Nazis, many have called him crazy. However, several have also called him a genius and irrespective of labels, one clear thing is that when Ye talks, people listen. That is except for Aries Spears.

In an interview with The Art Of Dialogue podcast, New Jersey comedian, Aries Spears expounded about how he doesn’t like Kanye or his behaviour and really doesn’t understand it. Speaking on the rapper Spears stated “I recognise Kanye for the genius he is, but he don’t really do it for me like that. I know he does it for a gazillion people but I’m not one of ’em.”

The comedian then proceeded to give an analogy saying, “If Kanye was a cereal, to me, he would be Corn Pops. The most overrated cereal on the planet! I’m a Cinnamon Toast Crunch guy, I’m a Cookie Crisp guy, I’m a Coco Puffs guy, I’m a Fruity Pebbles guy, but a lot of people like Corn Pops! Not I!”

After ripping down West in his cereal-spoken rant, Spears then went on to slander Lil Wayne when the interviewer asked him what he thought of Wayne as an artist. Spears responded with a backhanded insult, saying “Again, hats off to the brother, he does his thing! And I know people consider him a great lyricist, I can’t get past his look…he looks like a GARGOYLE!”

Quite the interview, Aries Spears said some brash things to say the least, but it was all in good humour. You can watch the segment of Spears talking about Kanye and Lil Wayne in the video below.