A new version of Kanye West’s ‘DJ Khaled’s Son’ surfaces online
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A new version of Kanye West's 'DJ Khaled's Son' surfaces online

An extended version of Kanye West’s controversial track, ‘DJ Khaled’s Son’, has surfaced online, and the song makes for uncomfortable listening.

Since 2018, various versions of the song have spread around the internet, but none have been as long as the latest one to appear. There’s a new beat attached to the new release, and on the track, Ye uses a selection of slurs, including the “f-bomb”.

Admittedly, Ye’s vocals aren’t crystal clear, and during some parts of the song, it’s incredibly difficult to work out what he’s saying. In the chorus, West audibly repeats: “I keep my gun everywhere I go like DJ Khaled’s son, Everywhere I go, Everywhere I go,”

In the first verse, West harrowingly raps: “I heard you can’t say fag no more, spic no more, kike no more, I heard you can’t say bitch no more, like no more, dyke no more.” He adds: “I heard you can’t have real faith, Vanzant you can’t penetrate.”

Later in the track, West questionably says: “Side bitches need a side too, Fat bitches need a ride too, NoBu need a drive-thru, come through.”

Recently, West shared his first piece of new music since he became the face of modern antisemitism in recent months. ‘Someday We’ll All Be Free’ was premiered on Alex Jones’ online programme, InfoWars, which is also where Ye previously praised Hitler.

“I see good things about Hitler,” West problematically told Jones. “I love everyone and Jewish people are not going to tell me: You can love us and you can love what we’re doing to you with the contracts, and you can love what we’re pushing with the pornography. But this guy [Hitler] that invented highways and invented the very microphone that I use as a musician, you can’t say out loud that this person ever did anything good.”

Listen to ‘DJ Khaled’s Son’ below.