Julia Fox withdraws comment about Kanye West being “harmless”
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Julia Fox withdraws comment about Kanye West being “harmless”

Julia Fox has withdrawn her comment about Kanye West being “harmless” after becoming aware of his recent behaviour.

Fox was in a short relationship with the rapper earlier this year, and following West’s latest outburst on social media about Pete Davidson, who is in a relationship with Ye’s former partner, Kim Kardashian, the Uncut Gems star provided her thoughts on the topic.

Controversially, she leapt to the defence of her former partner to TMZ, and said, “No, Kanye’s harmless!” When Fox was questioned about Ye decapitating and burying alive Davidson in the video for ‘Eazy’ which she dismissed as “artistic expression”.

On the other hand, Fox admitted his behaviour seems “aggressive” but believes it is “nothing more than talk”. She added: “I think if it really came down to it. I don’t think Kanye would hurt a fly.”

Her comments received a backlash on social media with many believing that Fox’s dismissive remarks are defending his harassment of Kardashian and Davidson.

Fox then apologised on Instagram, although, her comment was only available for a short period before it was deleted. The actor said she was unaware of the extent of his attacks on Davidson and Kardashian on social media.

“I would like to point out that I had not seen the latest Instagram posts at the time of this video,” Fox allegedly wrote in her post. “Believe it or not I have a life and a son, and I don’t have Google alerts for this man!”

She continued: “I thought this question was in reference to the music video. Yeah I could just not answer questions but then it would be ‘Julia is mad she salty’ etc and I’m not! It’s a real catch 22 so please stop F’n asking me! I wish I had the answers, but I do not. I would like to remain an Indie Queen. The mainstream life isn’t for me.”