(Credit: Jorund Foreland Pedersen)


Joey Bada$$ defends working with Chris Brown

Joey Bada$$ has responded to criticism for working alongside controversial figure Chris Brown on the track ‘Welcome Back’ from his new album 2000

In promotion of the record, Joey Bada$$ took part in a Reddit AMA responding to fans’ questions. When one fan brought attention to Chris Brown’s troubled past, after it was revealed that he had assaulted his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Joey Bada$$ brushed the controversy aside.

Joey Bada$$ responded: “Chris Brown is one of the most talented artist musicians of all time are you kidding me? It was an honor that he was even so willing to be a part of my album.”

He then added: “He’s also a friend of mine. I get it, you guys may not think he’s perfect or cool because of things he’s done in his past, but which one of you guys are perfect?”

In fact, the rapper even went on to call the question “close-minded” before moving on and stating, “With 2000, I wanted to have fun and not think too much. Flex up and talk my shit a bit.”

The album is his first in five years and Brown’s inclusion has not gone amiss in wider circles outside of Reddit either, but, clearly, Joey Bada$$ stands by the decision.