Joe Budden thinks Megan Thee Stallion dissed him on ‘Hiss’
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Joe Budden thinks Megan Thee Stallion dissed him on 'Hiss'

Former rapper and podcaster Joe Budden recently announced that he is confident that Houston emcee Megan Thee Stallion aimed at him on her controversial new single ‘Hiss’.

Addressing the song on his podcast, The Joe Budden Show, Budden explained, “I’ve been scraping my head all morning trying to figure out who been dancing to R. Kelly recently. Then it hit me like a bag of bricks. Well, my girl told me. That was us!”

He continued, “Don’t quote me, but I think that she’s dissing us.” The line from Megan Thee Stallion (real name Megan Pete) hears the female rhyme, “I can never be judged by a bitch that was dancing, making R. Kelly go viral.”

‘Hiss’ has caused an extreme amount of controversy and hears Pete aim at figures such as Budden, Drake and even her female counterpart Nicki Minaj. The shot at Drake alleges the Canadian lyricist had a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

During the second verse of the new single, the Houston rhymer raps, “These n*ggas hate on BBLs and be walkin’ around with the same scars / Real curvy, no edging, n*ggas fight to get in my section / Don’t speak on my body count if the dick ain’t worth coming back for seconds.”

She continues, “Cosplay gangsters, fake-ass accents/ Posted in another n*gga hood like a bad bitch.” Taking to social media, on January 26th, DJ Akademiks posted on Instagram, “Why they saying Meg tried to respond to Drake w these bars.” He continued, “Yall think these meant for the [goat] Or an?”

The single caused a wildfire online, and in order to clarify what she was speaking about on the track, Pete called into radio show The Breakfast Club, explaining, “It’s for these bitches and hoes, bitches and hoes alike, men or women. Every time one of these motherfuckers uses Megan Thee Stallion name, they get 24 hours of attention.”

She concluded, “Basically, I understand what y’all doing, and I want y’all to get up off me. Use something else. Do something different. Use another tactic. This one getting old.”