Joe Budden reveals his issues with Kanye’s latest album
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Joe Budden reveals his issues with Kanye's latest album

Former rapper and podcaster Joe Budden has recently spoken about the latest Kanye West project, Vultures 1, and has expressed his dislike for some parts of the project that he feels aren’t up to scratch.

During an episode of The Joe Budden Show, the ‘Pump It Up’ emcee admitted that there is more that he loves than he hates, but regardless, he insisted that there are some parts of the body of work that don’t impress him.

While reviewing the album, Budden stated, “This is some bad rapping on here. I’m only talking about Kanye West. Freddie Gibbs went crazy. All the rappers I heard went crazy, except for Kanye West. He’s just chanting.”

Budden stated that some of the beats were “a little too funky” and “too Yeezus-ish” for his liking. However, he did concede that some of the beats were high-quality. He then highlighted some of his favourite tracks.

Praising one track, Budden stated, “He showed his ass on the production. His production is unbelievable on here. ‘Carnival’ on down is nuts.” Budden picked out ‘Do It’ featuring YG as one of his favourites, exclaiming, “I’m still a little thot inside. Dawg, what a creative flip of ‘Back That Azz Up.’ I need to hear this in the strip club loud.”

He also admitted he loved West’s collaboration with Chris Brown for ‘Beg Forgiveness,’ professing, “I absolutely love this. I don’t care that this beat stays the same. This is crazy.”

Although Vultures 1 debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, the project encountered several issues since its release on February 10th. One track was removed from streaming services after unlawfully sampling a Donna Summer song.

In a statement released on social media, Summer’s estate wrote, “Kanye West asked permission to use Donna Summer’s song, ‘I Feel Love,’ [but] he was denied. He changed the words, had someone re-sing it, or used AI, but it’s ‘I Feel Love’…copyright infringement!”