Kanye West and Freddie Gibbs collaboration leaked
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Kanye West and Freddie Gibbs collaboration leaked

A new Kanye West track featuring Freddie Gibbs and produced by Alchemist has surfaced on social media following a leak. The trio haven’t worked together previously, and fans are now excited to see if the song appears on the second instalment of Ye’s latest album, Vultures 1.

The snippet of the song is nine seconds long, and hears West singing, “Come on, come on, before the street lights.” Following this, Gibbs begins to rap about baby mama drama over an Alchemist masterpiece.

The track initially leaked on Discord and has begun spreading around social media platforms such as X/Twitter and Instagram. Gibbs is an exciting figure who is often overlooked, but the emcee released a Grammy-nominated joint album with Alchemist titled Alfredo in 2020. The duo also teamed up with Louisiana lyricist Curren$y for the nine-track Fetti EP in 2018.

The snippet has been received well by fans online so far, with one user saying: “This Ye, Freddie Gibbs and Alchemist snippet is sending me to space” next to an image of someone flying in the air.

Another wrote, “Ye actually might be back this snippet is so beautiful,” while one elated user expressed their excitement, writing, “There’s no way we bouta get an alchemist and Kanye collab.”

Gibbs featured alongside Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign’s latest joint effort, Vultures 1, on the song ‘BACK TO ME.’ However, the track did not involve the iconic beatmaker Alchemist. The song has proved to be popular.

According to many outlets, when Gibbs performed the verse at one of Kanye’s exclusive listening parties, it was dubbed “the verse of the year.” Although we don’t know much at present, this latest snippet is exciting. You can listen to the trio’s song below.