Jack Harlow announces new album and reveals dream collaboration
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Jack Harlow announces new album and reveals dream collaboration

Jack Harlow has announced details of his second album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, released on May 6th.

Last month, Harlow made his comeback with ‘Nail Tech’, which won the rapper plaudits, including from Kanye West, who praised him and then flew him out to Miami to work on Donda 2.

However, Harlow said to Rolling Stone: “It’s probably my least favourite song on the album. But I know the effect it’s gonna have on people. I’m spitting, and there’s energy behind the beat. . . . I have different tastes.”

He added: “I can’t believe people love to listen to ‘Tyler Herro’ on repeat and ‘What’s Poppin’ on repeat.”

Harlow also spoke about collaborations and revealed that he’s refused lucrative offers from an array of popstars. He said: “You won’t believe what I’ve turned down, because this pocket we’ve got right now is fragile, man. I’ve turned down so much shit that would have been a big ol’ bag.”

He also shared his dreams of working with Dolly Parton and said he’s even reached out to her team. “I want to put her on some hard shit,” Harlow said.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed Harlow would be starring in a remake of the cult classic sports comedy White Men Can’t Jump, which originally featured Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes and Rosie Perezis. The role marks the rapper’s acting debut.